poly[(l->-3)£>Galg(l->-4)oGala]; containing sulphate substituents and 3,6-anhydride bridges

Sigma Chemical Corp., St. Louis, USA

suspension in methanol; 10 ug standard

6 X 104

REMARKS - Note the strong difference with the patterns of glucans (Spectra A.l-A.4). High.peaks at m/z 45 and 95 may be indicative of 3,6-anhydrohexose moieties, whereas the high intensities at m/z 126 and 144 may represent degradation of the polymer backbone by 1,3-elimination ("peeling"). The low relative intensity of m/z 64 indicates a low degree of O-sulphation. Compare also with Spectrum A.6 (Agarose).

m/z sample chemical details sample origin sample prep./size pyrol. conditions total ion counts

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