poly[(l->-4)oGlcNAcg]; see insert in spectrum

BDH Chemicals Ltd., Poole, UK

suspension in methanol; 10 yg standard

REMARKS - This spectrum should be compared with that of the glucan analogue, cellulose (Spectrum A.I; see also Part 1, Figure 2) which shows similar characteristic series of ions at mass values differing by 1 or 41 amu, apparently representing the presence of NH2 or NHAc groups instead of an OH function at C2 in the respective pyrolysis fragments. This would seem to point to a strong similarity between the pyrolysis pathways of both polymers. The abundant fragment at m/z 59, as also found for other N-acetylamino sugars (see Spectra A.14-A.20, A.23, A.25), was identified as acetamide (ref. 80); it is much less pronounced in the chitosan pattern (Spectrum A.12).

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