bottle stopper suspension in methanol; 10 yg standard 1 X 105

REMARKS - The overall character of this spectrum appears to be similar to that of whole wood (see Spectrum E.ll). A more close inspection, however, shows the presence of sulphur containing signals at m/z 34, 48, and 64 which could be derived from sulphur containing plant constituents, e.g. proteins. Alternatively, these signals might point to some form of chemical pretreatment of the sample. The low intensities of the peaks at m/z 102 and 126 is also noteworthy since this indicates a much lower cellulose content than in whole wood samples such as Douglas fir (Spectrum E.ll). Finally the characteristic ion series at m/z 124, 138, and 150 appears to point to the presence of quaiacylic acid type lignin components. According to some views, however, "true lignins" are generally not found in bark (ref. 85).

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