see insert in spectrum; ergosta-5,7,22-trien-3s-ol; C28H440; MW = 396

Sigma Chemical Corp., St. Louis, USA solution in methanol; 10 yg ferromagnetic tube; Tgq 770°C 1.2 X 105

REMARKS - Note the correspondence with stigmasterol (Spectrum D.10) with regard to the homologous i on series at m/z 28, 42, etc. However, the series at m/z 54, 68, etc. now attains its maximum intensity at m/z 82 instead of m/z 96, apparently reflecting the substitution of a methyl group for the ethyl group in the olefinic side-chai n. A prominent fragment ion is observed at m/z 67, probably derived from the molecular ion species at m/z 82 (compare with stigmasterol (Spectrum D.10)).

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