: CAPSULAR POLYSACCHARIDE (from neisseria meningitidis, group B)

: poly[(2->8)a-N-acetylneuraminic acid]; see insert in spectrum

: gift from Dr. E.C. Beuvery, Natl. Inst. Publ. Health, Bilthoven, The Netherlands solution in PBS buffer; 10 yg standard 1 X 105

REMARKS - Sample prepared following ref. 49. The characteristic, odd-numbered peak series at m/z 59, 67, 73, 97, 109, 123, 135 and 151 is related to that observed for hexNAc-polymers. Marked differences, e.g. with the spectrum of chitin (Spectrum A.13a), are observed at m/z 67 and in the peak group around m/z 81, 123, 125 and 135. The spectrum of this acidic polysaccharide (and also that of the a(2+9)-linked analogue) is considerably influenced by the ionic strength and pH of the starting solutions (see also Part I, Figure 11). A comparison of Py-mass spectra of a(2+8) and a(2->9)-linked poly-N-acetylneuraminic acids and 0-acetylated derivatives is made in ref. 49.

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