Messel Shale

50% organic matter; C 68.5%; H 7.9%; 0 17.5%; N 2.4% Darmstadt, GFR

suspension in methanol; 20 ug standard 3 X 105

remarks - In comparison to Torbanite (Spectra F.9, F.10) and Green River Shale (Spectrum F.ll), Messel shale shows relatively high peak intensities at m/z 94, 110, 124, 138 and 150. These signals can be explained by phenols and methoxy-phenols (ref. 52). Most likely, these compounds are derived from lignin moieties present in terrestrial plant materials which are known to contribute to the organic matter in Messel shale. In fact, similar ion series are observed in lignite (Spectrum F.16). Another interesting phenomenon is the marked abundance of CH3C1+" ions at m/z 50 and 52, indicative of the presence of methylating functional groups.

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