Atlas Of Selected Pyrolysis Mass Spectra99

Contents 101


1.1. General remarks 105

1.2. Sample preparation 105

1.3. Analytical conditions 106

1.4. Spectrum presentation format 106

1.5. Spectrum contributions from inorganic constituents 107

1.6. Protein spectra (group B) 109

1.7. Nucleotide and nucleic acid spectra (group C) 110

1.8. Lipid spectra (group D) 110

1.9. Spectra of humic materials and geopolymers (group F) 110

1.10. Spectra of other biochemically important compounds (group G) . Ill


Group A. Carbohydrates and Glycoconjugates 113

Group B. Peptides and Proteins 151

Group C. Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids 167

Group D. Lipids 179

Group E. Natural Products . 195

Group F. Humic Materials and Geopolymers 213

Group G. Other Biochemically Important Compounds . 245

Group H. Polymers of Non-Biological Origin 259

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