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PEPTIDOGLYCAN (from Bacillus subtilis)

poly[(l->4)oGlcNAce(l->4)MurNAcB] with Ala-Glu-diaminopi-melic acid-Ala cross-links bound to the polysaccharide chain via the muramic acid carbonyl groups; see insert in spectrum gift from Dr. J.T.M. Wouters, Lab. of Microbiology, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands suspension in methanol; 10 yg standard

REMARKS - Sample prepared following ref. 172. The polysaccharide part of this glycoconjugate can be regarded as a chitin chain with D-lactic acid substituents on alternating monomeric residues. The spectrum is dominated by N-acetyl sugar fragments from the GlcNAc and MurNAc residues (compare with chitin Spectrum A. 13). No strong signals are found which can be unambiguously ascribed to the amino acid residues. Apparently the small N-containing pyrolysis fragments of these aliphatic amino acids contribute to the same mass values as the amino sugars.

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