Sphagnum Moss

Marsh by Leiferde, GFR suspension in methanol; 10 ug standard 7.3 X 104

remarks - This plant is of considerable interest as a major source and constituent of the extensive sphagnum peat deposits in some parts of the world. As in most plant samples, we find a dominant complex carbohydrate pattern pointing to the presence of cellulose as well as hemicellulose constituents. Most remarkable however are the large signals at m/z 120 and 134. These appear to represent fragments of sphagnol, a primitive type of lignin characterized by the absence of methoxylated phenol moieties (ref. 85). Accordingly, para-hydroxybenzoic acid moieties are the only lignin building blocks present, yielding a fragment series at m/z 94, 108, 120, 134 (see also Remarks on lignin Spectra E.9 and E.10 and on sphagnum peat (Spectrum F.15).

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