Total Ion Counts

BOGHEAD COAL, severely weathered (from Cannel King Seam) C 67.6%; S 2.39%; 0 26.2%; mineral matter 32.7% Utah, USA (Penn State Coal Sample Bank; PSOC 1108) suspension in methanol; 40 yg

Teq 610°C; tj 6s; tj 10s; Eel 15eV (Extranuclear 5000-1 Py-MS system)

7 X 104

REMARKS - This spectrum is included to show the effects of severe weathering (oxidation). Comparison with the relatively non-weathered sample from the same seam (Spectrum F.22) shows a marked increase in the intensities of the peaks at m/z 44 (C02+") and m/z 78 (C6H6+'). This is thought to indicate the presence of benzene carboxylic acids as a result of oxydation of aromatic rings. The relative increase in phenols (m/z 94, 108) may also reflect ring oxydation. Further note the higher peak at m/z 60, probably acetic acid, which may well represent oxidation of aliphatic moieties.

32 92

32 92

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