Total Ion Counts

POLYCAPROLACTAM (Nylon 6) see insert in spectrum Scientific Polymer Products, USA suspension in methanol; 10 yg

Teq 610°C, tj 5s, tz 10s, Eel 12eV, (Extranuclear 5000-1 Py-MS system)

5 X 104

REMARKS - The marked monomer peak at m/z 113 points to a dominant unzipping mechanism although thermal degradation reactions are also evident, e.g. from peaks at m/z 17 (NH3+-), 30 (CH20+") and the small alkene series at m/z 42, 56, etc. The large peak at m/z 85 probably represents CO elimination from the monomer by electron impact or pyrolysis mechanisms. Although the mass spectrum was scanned up to m/z 240 no obvious dimer peak or other large fragments were observed.

120 IAO m/z

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