Total Ion Counts


: C 89.9%; S 0.56%; 0 2.07%; mineral matter 7.6%; vitrinites 92.0%; exinites 0.1%; inertinites 7.9%

: Colorado, USA (Penn State Coal Sample Bank; PSOC 157)

: suspension in methanol; 40 pg

: Teq 610°C; tT 6s; "tj 10s; Ee] 15eV (Extranuclear 5000-1 Py-MS system)

remarks - Compared to the high volatile bituminous coals in Spectra F.17-F.20, the phenolic series at m/z 94, 108, etc. and at m/z 110, 124, etc. are drastically decreased and the spectrum is now entirely dominated by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Note especially the strong alkene (m/z 42, 56, etc.), benzene (m/z 92, 106, etc.) and naphthalene (m/z 142, 156, etc.) series. Further note the decrease in sulphur-containing ion peaks. Some of the differences with the high volatile bituminous coals may be exaggerated since the Colorado B Seam coals underwent accelerated maturation because of exposure to high geothermal gradients.

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