Total Ion Counts

BOGHEAD COAL (from Cannel King Seam)

vitrinites 26.7%; exinites 69.1% (alginite!); inertinites 3.9%

Utah, USA (Penn State Coal Sample Bank; PSOC 1109)

suspension in methanol; 40 yg

Teq 610°C; tj 6s; tz 10s; Eel 15eV (Extranuclear 5000-1 Py-MS system)

REMARKS - The spectrum of this alginite-rich coal is radically different from that of the vitrinite-rich coals shown in spectra F.16-F.21. Aliphatic hydrocarbon series dominate, e.g. alkenes (m/z 42, 56, etc.) and dienes (m/z 54, 68, etc.), whereas aromatic signals are inconspicuous. Note the high sulphur-containing ion peaks at m/z 34 and 64 which confirm the aquatic character of the depositional environment. In many respects this Boghead coal spectrum resembles that of-the alginite-rich Torbanites (Spectra F.9, F.10) and shales (Spectra F.ll, F.12).

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