Cancer and Metastasis

Most of the adhesion receptor families reported so far, including inte-grins, cadherins, selectins, immunoglobulins, and proteoglycans, have been implicated in various stages of tumor progression and metastasis. Integrins allb (33 and aL /32 and immunoglobulin family members PECAM-1, ICAM-1, and N-CAM in solid tumor cells are some examples of such adhesion molecules (Tang and Honn, 1994). Changes in the adhesive properties of solid tumour cells, such as downregulation of desmosomal proteins (e.g., plakoglobin) and neo-expression of ICAM-1 or MUC18, have also been suggested to be important determinants of the metastatic capability of individual malignant cells (Pantel et al., 1995). The importance of adhesion molecules in tumor metastasis is also evidenced by their involvement in other important parameters of metastasis such as angiogenesis (Tang and Honn, 1994). An increase in oxidative stress markers such as oxidized DNA and compromised antioxidant have been reported in several types of cancer (Montagnier et al., 1998). An elevated antioxidant status is also associated with decreased incidences of cancer (Montagnier et al., 1998).

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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