Concomitant Sequelae of Alcoholism

Chronic pancreatitis often develops in alcoholic patients, and is frequently associated with diabetes [45]. Also, secondary hypertension may be associated with the use of excess alcohol [45], while gastritis is common, and may be related to alcohol's effect on gastric secretions, which increase in volume and acidity while the pepsin content remains low [45].

Both the direct toxic action of alcohol and the accompanying nutritional deficiency, particularly of thiamine, are considered responsible for the frequent peripheral neuropathy [45], while alcohol-induced sexual dysfunction may occur only or predominantly during intoxication [45]. Following excessive alcohol consumption, diarrhea and tremulousness are common symptoms [58].

Alcohol No More

Alcohol No More

Do you love a drink from time to time? A lot of us do, often when socializing with acquaintances and loved ones. Drinking may be beneficial or harmful, depending upon your age and health status, and, naturally, how much you drink.

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