Fatlicious Lets You Flush Out Fat Reserves By Following Ketogenic Diet


Have you heard of the ketogenic diet, lately? If you have, then you must know how effective it is in flushing out fat reserves from your body by using them. Yes, by using them!

It may seem like a paradox, but it’s not. When you follow the ketogenic diet, you actually shift from using carbs for energy to using fat. This ultimately results in you getting rid of the fat in the most natural and healthy way you can think of. Imaging yourself using away all the accumulated fat and thus, getting rid of any bad condition resulting from it.

Not only this, ketogenic diet also has merits in fixing your health, helping you recover from the sorts of diabetes, high cholesterol, and even overweight.

The process that this kind of diet sets in motion creates ketones, which are developed as a result of fat oxidation. These are the substances that later supply our bodies with the required amount of energy throughout the day.

However, there’s a catch.

Ketogenic diet and its catch

Not every person out there understands the caveats in ketogenic diet until he/she follows it. This was the story of Chef Bobby who struggled with losing weight and helping his wife lose diabetes. They couldn’t find any solution and when Chef Bobby stumbled upon the diet, they start to feel that this was what they needed.

But as the time passed, things begin to change. They did feel better, but not better enough. There was something missing in this diet that was created for children with epilepsy back in the 20s.

That something was creating problems like keto flu, mental fogs, digestive problems, weight loss stalls, and it was hard to follow it for longer periods of time. Not to mention, the diet was extremely strict about carbohydrate consumption. They could not consume carbs at all. And with this, the diet strictly limited the fat percentage of the body to 80%.

Chef Bobby could not stand this and he wanted to improve further. He wanted to change for the better, save his marriage, and help his wife by completely overhauling this ketogenic diet system to produce Targeted Fatlicious System.

Targeted Fatlicious System – A better way of doing Keto

As we explained above, Ketogenic diet creates ketones, but more than this, it keeps the levels of insulin in check and suppresses it for the betterment of our bodies.

You see, insulin is the only barrier in fat-storing and fat-burning equilibrium. When this barrier is suppressed for a period of time, carbohydrates are not converted into fats and instead, the fat accumulated in your body is used as an alternative source of energy.

This system had to be made more efficient and the whole diet had to be recreated for the sake of simplicity and application. Chef Bobby did that all by himself through extensive research to create a diet that is more approachable to the average Joe and easily followed by him.

We owe a great deal to this chef who has also worked as a nurse. Because of his jobs in multiple industries, he was the one very well suited for the job, indeed.

What does Targeted Fatlicious System contain?

This system comprises the main guide, some cookbooks and lots of bonuses. All in all, these make the perfect ketogenic diet system that focuses on shifting your energy dependence on fat rather than carbs. You get all the inclusive bundle in PDF form, downloadable right after purchase.

The system is designed such that it

  • Resets your metabolism,
  • Eliminates unnecessary food craving,
  • Eliminates surplus fat reserves,
  • Controls insulin and thus, diabetes,
  • Never encourages you to stop eating your favorite

It does all of the above without starving you or putting you through a strenuous exercise regime.

To achieve these results, the book contains

  • Knowledge or real support on shifting your metabolic system to fat-burning,
  • Techniques to burn your stored fat,
  • Ways of controlling chronic diseases,
  • Ways to stay full all day and stop binge eating,
  • A road map to control your insulin production,
  • Simple charts and follow-ups on foods to consumer and to eat less or avoid,
  • Knowledge of pink salt and its merits for our bodies,
  • Guidance for intermittent fasting, and
  • Knowledge of sugar and the inflammation it causes.

As you can see, the guide is versatile enough to help you stay fit and lose weight in the most natural way.

Besides the main guide, you also get the following.


  1. Soups, Salads, Sides and Extras
  2. Spices and Sauces
  3. Dips, Butters, and Desserts
  4. Beef, Chicken, and Pork
  5. Fish and Seafood


  1. Easy Print Versions of all 5 Cookbooks
  2. FatLicious Kitchen Equipment
  3. Handy Conversion Charts
  4. Eating Out on FatLicious
  5. Food Cravings' Guide
  6. Triggers to Store or Burn Fat
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