Series Preface

The universe of biopharmaceutical development revolves around the use of protein science to develop and characterize diagnostic and therapeutic products. Protein Science is a series of books addressed to the application of protein science to biotechnology. Applications of protein science include site-specific chemical modification; spectroscopy and spectrophotometry; electrophoresis; hydrodynamic analytical techniques such as viscosity, light scattering, and analytical ultracentrifugation; chromatographic fractionation including size-exclusion chromatography; and expression and purification systems. This series is directed at the practitioner of commercial biotechnology so there will be volumes on drug product classes including plasma protein products, monoclonal antibodies, cytokines and chemokines, and receptor proteins. To the extent that the series is focused on commercial biotechnology, there will be less discussion of "cutting-edge" and more discussion of direct application of proven new technologies to the study of protein therapeutics. The various volumes will be published in a timely manner to assure immediate value to the biotechnology community.

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