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Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus. It is passed through genital contact (such as vaginal and anal sex). The virus is also able to be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. At least 50 of people who have had sex will have HPV at some time in their lives. Most contractees do not display any signs, and HPV may resolve on its own without causing any health problems. Anyone who has ever had genital contact with another person may have HPV. Both men and women may contract and pass the virus often without knowing it. Because there may not be any signs, a person may have HPV even if years have passed since he or she had sex. A person is more likely to contract HPV if he or she has sex at an early age, has multiple sex partners, or has sex with a person who has had many partners. efficacious against HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18. The vaccine is approved by the FDA for girls and women with the age of 9 to 26 years. It is best to get the vaccine before becoming sexually...

Stimulation of Cell Proliferation and Carcinogenic and Tumor Promoting Effects of Androgens

Turnover returns to its normal very low level 240 . Thus, continued androgen treatment of rodents does not result in constantly elevated rates of cell proliferation in the male accessory sex glands, but probably only supports differentiation. DHT may even suppress prostatic cell proliferation in intact rats 206 . Thus, continuous stimulation of cell proliferation is unlikely be the major mechanism of the enhancing effects of androgens on prostate carcinogenesis in rodents and possibly humans. There are conceivably also other, non-hormonal, factors that affect prostatic cell proliferation, such as inflammatory insults (prostatitis) 241, 242 and possibly sexual activity. Strong support for a cell proliferation hypothesis is derived from rodent experiments that indicate that increased prostatic cell proliferation at the time of exposure to carcinogens can enhance the sensitivity of the tissue to the carcinogenic effects of these agents 199, 220-223 . Stimulation of cell proliferation...

Pharmacological Properties

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) The late and indirect actions of these anti-depressant and antianxiety agents remain less well understood than are those of tricyclic antide-pressants, but there are striking parallels between responses in the noradrenergic and serotonergic systems. Like tricyclic antidepressants, which block NE reuptake, the SSRIs block neuronal transport of 5-HT both immediately and chronically, leading to complex secondary responses. Increased synaptic availability of 5-HT results in stimulation of a large number of postsynaptic 5-HT receptor types (see Chapter 11), which may contribute to adverse effects characteristic of this class of drugs, including GI effects (nausea and vomiting) and sexual effects (delayed or impaired orgasm). Stimulation of 5-HT2C receptors may contribute to the agitation or restlessness sometimes induced by SSRIs.

Sex pheromone glands in the Pterygota Hemipteroidea

Scutellarid (Heteroptera) males have integumentary glands that are grouped in one or several pairs of patches on the ventral surface of the abdomen (Carayon, 1984). Each unicellular gland comprises a complex epicuticular formation made from a hollow bristle-like process, the androconia, set into an alveolus. The androconia, which resemble those of lepidopterans, together with the alveolus form a ductule, which in the imago is devoid of a canal cell and is distally blind. The solid secretion appears to be discharged by basal or subapical rupture of the androconia, and acts as a contact pheromone. In some species it is accumulated in friable masses on the patches of androconia. Similar friable secretions from secretory cells with a basal ductule and which occur in paired abdominal patches, accumulate during sexual activity in some pentatomids and lygaeids. The hind tibiae of oviparous aphids have sex pheromone glands that form plaques (Pettersson, 1971 Crema and Bergamini, 1985 Zeng et...

Occupational Therapy Evaluation Considerations

Following a physician referral, an occupational therapist will evaluate first the client's ability to perform in a variety of areas. These areas of occupation include activities of daily living (ADLS) (such as dressing, bathing, sexual activity), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLS) (such as caring for others, health management, meal preparation), sleep and rest, education, work, leisure, play, and social participation (The American Occupational Therapy Association 2008b). As the occupational therapist assesses the client's functional

Box 261 Communicable Disease Council AIDS indicator conditions for adolescents and adults2

Drugs are required.3 Adherence to suppressive treatment has to be unusually good to reduce the risk of treatment failure. There are currently five classes of drugs available (Table 26.1, and see, but options can still be limited for switching between various anti-retroviral drugs since choices are dictated by prior exposure and resistance. Worldwide, only 20 percent of infected individuals who need antiretroviral treatment are receiving it. Funding is improving as is the coordination of approaches to prevention and treatment. HIV remains a stigmatizing illness because of associations with sexual activity and intravenous drug use. This affects the ability to access and comply with effective antiretroviral treatment and also symptom control.

Plausibility of Adverse Effects of EDCs Mechanisms of Gonadal and Accessory Reproductive Organ Differentiation

There are a number of experimental studies in laboratory animals relating developmental exposure to EDCs to changes in testicular function in adulthood. For example, a single administration of a low dose (50 ng kg to 1 g kg of body weight) of dioxin to pregnant female rats on gestational day 15 resulted in altered sexual differentiation in male and female offspring 136 . The lowest dose of dioxin tested (50 ng kg body weight) resulted in a concentration in fetal organs of approximately 5 parts per trillion (5 pg g tissue). Since this dose is within the range of human exposure 137 , these results are environmentally relevant. A single administration of dioxin to pregnant female rats produced a decrease in circulating testosterone and in anogenital distance in male offspring at birth. Effects on adult sex behavior in male offspring included changes in mounting, intromitting, number of ejaculations and latency to ejaculation, as well as the exhibition of the female sexually receptive...

Marital Couples and Family Therapy

Strained communication patterns within the couple or family may be another stressor. Direct discussion of the patient's behavior may be difficult. The pain may serve as a means of avoiding discussion about particular topics, which leads to unresolved conflicts and emotional difficulties. Sexual dysfunction and a decline in intimacy from prepain periods may add to the burden of the patient and his or her partner as well. Formal sex therapy may be needed, especially when such difficulties foreshadow more deleterious effects on the relationship.

Dihydroxy2hydroxymethylanthraquinone lucidin

No information was available on general toxic effects of lucidin. However, this compound is a known constituent of the roots of Rubia tinctorum (madder) (Burnett & Thomson, 1968a), and one study has been published on the acute and subacute toxicity of madder root. A 14-day toxicity test was conducted on an aqueous extract of madder root administered by gavage to (C57BL 6 x C3H)Fj mice. The maximum tolerated dose was between 3500 and 5000 mg kg bw. A subacute toxicity test was then performed on 62 mice of each sex with madder root extract incorporated into their diet at 0, 0.3, 0.6, 1.25, 2.5 or 5 for 90 days. All mice tolerated these doses well, and none showed clinical signs of toxicity or adverse effects on body weight gain. Histopathological examination showed retention cysts of the kidneys and epidermal vaginal cysts in a few of the treated and control mice. It was concluded that dietary exposure to madder root at the doses tested had no significant acute or subacute toxic effects...

Impact of Psychoactive Drugs A Long Tradition

The human seems to have been interested in manipulating sexual urges through pharmacological means since the dawn of history. There is anecdotal mention of plants and herbs purportedly stimulating or reducing the interest in sexual activities in many ancient sources. The search for and use of aphrodisiacs have attracted much attention, but there has also been made efforts to find ways to diminish sexual desire. In the classical Chinese Empires, this was achieved by a simple procedure modifying the availability of androgens through castration. Eunuchs were favored as high state officials during many centuries. Likewise, some men of faith, like the Egyptian theologian Origen, castrated themselves in order to be relieved from sexual temptations. During the Dark Ages, castration was no longer an approved practice, but monks are said to have prepared and consumed extracts of a plant, the common rue (Ruta graveloens), supposed to inhibit sexual desire. Despite the existence of occasional...

Role of Pharmacotherapy

Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) may positively affect sexual function in a number of ways. Estrogens rapidly restore the superficial cell layer of the vaginal epithelium, reestablish elasticity, restore the balance in vaginal pH, improve mood, and increase blood flow to enhance lubrication. Short-term studies of estrogen replacement therapy have confirmed a benefit in some postmenopausal women with sexual dysfunction. However, not all studies have demonstrated positive results, possibly because women most likely to respond are those with symptoms of hypoestrogenism. Any short-term positive effect of oral estrogen may diminish in long-term use because of increasing sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels, which lead to reduced estrogen and androgen bioavail-ability, and consequent decreased desire and activity. The increase in SHBG appears to be less significant in women who use non-oral delivery system for ERT. Vaginal estrogen is highly effective for treating genitourinary...

Physical Management of Pain

A wide base of support (Grangaard 2006). The goal is to reduce back stress and prevent any additional trauma that might result in increased pain levels. In addition to body mechanics, occupational therapists also work with clients in the area of proper positioning for activities of daily living including intimacy and sexual activity.

Behavioral Effects Of Infectious Diseases And Cytokine Administration In Animals

Anhedonia means without (an) pleasure (hedonia) and can be defined as the diminished capacity to experience pleasure of any sort, i.e., activities that previously brought enjoyment, such as eating, sex, social, and recreational activities, provide little or no gratification in the depressed patient. Anhedonia is considered as one of the two essential features of a major depressive episode, and is even further emphasized in the subclassification criteria of a major depressive episode with melancholia (DSM-IV, 1994). The hypothesis that immune activation produces anhedonia has been studied in experimental animals using several paradigms, including the consumption of and preference for sweet solutions, intracranial electrical self stimulation (ICSS), and tests of libido and sexual activity.

Opioid Dependence and Its Treatment

Opioid dependence is a medical condition characterized by an individual's preoccupation with and strong desire to take opioids coupled with persistent drug-seeking behavior. It involves a sense of compulsion to consume the psychoactive substance, an inability to stop using it or to control the mode of drug-taking behavior. Obtaining the drug takes on high priority and the condition is frequently accompanied by psychiatric comorbidity and multiple substance abuse, resulting in numerous social, psychological and biological problems. These include high risk behavior such as prostitution and drug-related crime, an increased risk of obtaining infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV through shared use of needles and sexual activity, leading to an increased mortality rate accidental deaths by fatal overdose and suicides also contribute to these. According to the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edn, text revision) clinical guidelines, three of the...

Occupational Exposure to Chlordecone and Dibromochloropropane

Appears to alter the endocrine system indirectly. DBCP-exposed workers were infertile, displaying reduced sperm numbers and altered Sertoli cell function, as indicated by an elevation of serum FSH (presumably through a decline in Sertoli cell inhibin secretion) 61 . When administered to rats during perinatal life, the effects of DBCP are more complex. Prenatal DBCP-treatment alters sexual and testicular differentiation 62 . Male rat offspring, whose dams were treated with 25 mg DBCP kg on days 14 to 19 of pregnancy, displayed a 90 reduction in testis weight, altered hypothalamic morphometry, a lack of male mating behavior, and increased female-like sex behavior. Taken together, these results indicate that DBCP-treatment during sexual differentiation interferes with testicular development and testosterone production, resulting in antian-drogenic effects in the male offspring.

Carolus Linnaeus Father of Taxonomy

The binomial system of nomenclature used in botany was developed by Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) (Figure 2.3), a Swedish medical doctor and botanist who recognized the similarities between man and ape and named our species Homo sapiens. He also recognized that even plants had sex, at a time when the word sex was rarely uttered (Weissman 2007). Linnaeus laid down the first rules of

Antiandrogenic Effects of Phthalate Esters During Development

The phthalates represent a class of toxicants which alter reproductive development via a mechanism of action that does not appear to involve AR or ER binding. Although many of the same effects are seen in animals exposed in utero to AR antagonists, like vinclozolin, in vitro studies, conducted to determine the biochemical mechanism responsible for the adverse developmental effects of DEHP, found that neither DEHP nor the primary metabolite mono-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (MEHP) compete with androgens for binding to the androgen receptor 162 . While some have suggested that di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) was estrogenic 163 , this activity is only displayed in vitro. For example, we have found that DBP did not produce any signs of estrogenicity in the ovariectomized female rat 115 . DBP (by subcutaneous injection at 200 or 400 mg kg day or by gavage at 1000 mg kg day, administered for two days, followed on the third day by 0.5 mg progesterone subcutaneously) did not induce a uterotropic...

Structured clinical interview

Medication use, litigation and compensation status Interference of pain in marriage, sexual ability, and social recreational activities Current employment status, interference of pain on activity levels, working ability, number of hours spent resting during the day because of the pain, number of blocks able to walk, ability to perform household chores, such as laundry, meal preparation, cleaning, shopping, child care, and financial management

Role of the Nurse

The nurse is a key part of the treatment program and plays a major role in patient education regarding topics such as medication, diet, sleep, hygiene, and sexual activity. Another nursing function is assisting patients in the practice of newly learned skills, assessing medication response, and acting as a focal point of communication to coordinate patient care. The role of the nurse varies with their skills and the interaction with other providers. Since the nurses tend to be with patients throughout their active treatment course, they are a focal point for continuity in the treatment program.

Sexual Factors

Several case-control studies have addressed the possibility that sexual factors play a role in prostate cancer etiology (see 13,32-34,111-113 ). In general, the results of these studies suggest that prostate cancer risk may be associated with (1) an early onset of sexual activity, (2) high sexual drive, particularly at young age, (3) a low frequency of intercourse, especially at older age, or (4) a high frequency of intercourse up to 50 years of age and a low frequency thereafter (see 13 ). A positive association has been reported between the level of sexual activity and circulating total testosterone levels in men of 60-79 114 . These findings suggest that a hormonal mechanism may underlie the associations between prostate cancer risk and sexual activity observed in the case-control studies.


Twenty-nine patients with moderate to severe vulvar vestibulitis were given electromyographic assessment of the pelvic floor muscles. The patients were then given a portable home trainer biofeedback device and instructions to perform biofeedback-assisted pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation exercises. Patients were evaluated on a monthly basis for vestibulodynia and dyspareunia 51.7 demonstrated markedly reduced introital tenderness and 93.3 were able to resume sexual activity without discomfort 57 .


In many areas, restrictions were placed on amyl nitrite ampule sales that limited their availability. Almost immediately, commercial products containing other volatile nitrites such as butyl nitrite and cylohexyl nitrite were sold in sexual paraphernalia and video stores as room odorizers. Nitrite vapors have a distinct smell not unlike the odor of one of the first products of this type named Locker Room. Other commercial nitrites adopted names associated with their use in sexual activity, such as Thrust, Ram, and Hardware. Odorizers and aromas are still widely available on the Internet and claim to contain nitrites, but their actual contents are not clear.

Proctalgia fugax

Episodic spasms (seconds to minutes) of pain localized to the rectum anus, occurring at irregular intervals and without identifiable cause, are termed proctalgia fugax.131 Highly prevalent, occurring in 14-19 percent of healthy subjects, the episodes are brief (seconds to minutes) and infrequent (normally 20 minutes) then the disorder is termed chronic proctalgia rather than proctalgia fugax and the likelihood of involvement of the levator ani musculature is increased, particularly if there is tenderness with posterior traction on the puborectalis during physical exam.131 Local anorectal pathology such as fissures or abscesses need to be ruled out as alternate sources of pain and spasm. Due to the brief nature of most episodes, most reactive pharmacological treatments

Diet modification

Hyperoxaluria has been implicated in aggravating vulvar pain through the formation of sharp oxalate crystals.218 A prospective study noted a 10 percent objective (pain-free sexual intercourse) decrease in women following a low-oxalate diet (avoiding such foods as tea, coffee, cocoa, wine, chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter, all berries, prunes, all beans, eggplant, sweet potatoes, spinach, spicy food, vinegar, wheat germ, tofu) with calcium citrate (400 mg t.i.d.) to inhibit formation of calcium oxalate crystals.219 III Further investigation is needed as other studies report up to a 75 percent significant improvement on a low-oxalate diet and calcium citrate.220


Been referred to as the 'leading cause of unnecessary and premature death.' Over the last 45 years, suicide rates have been increasing dramatically, by as much as 60 in some countries. In the uSA, this rate is approximately 11 per 100,000, while much of Asia sees a rate exceeding 13 per 100,000. With the notable exception of rural China, suicide is significantly more common among males than females. Western countries, and particularly those from Northern Europe and the ex-Soviet Union, present larger gender effects on suicide rates, while Asian countries tend to have sex ratios closer to one. Age is another important demographic factor that seems to have a large impact on suicide risk. Accordingly, the distribution of suicide risk through the lifespan displays marked age effects, with peaks among youth and elderly age groups.


Cutaneous clotrimazole occasionally may cause stinging, erythema, edema, vesication, desquamation, pruritus, and urticaria. When it is applied to the vagina, 1.6 of recipients complain of a mild burning sensation, and rarely of lower abdominal cramps, a slight increase in urinary frequency, or skin rash. The sexual partner may experience penile or urethral irritation. By the oral route, clotrimazole can cause GI irritation. In patients using troches, the incidence of this side effect is 5 .

Sexual Side Effects

Sexual dysfunction is a liability associated with many psychotropic medications, and the full scope of this problem is only recently gaining its deserved recognition. When assessing emergence of side effects, most clinical studies rely on spontaneous reporting of adverse experiences. Because most patients do not feel comfortable reporting sexual side effects, it is not surprising that treatment-emergent sexual dysfunction is often underreported in these trials. In one prospective study, specific inquiry about sexual dysfunction with treatment of fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, or fluvoxamine resulted in nearly a threefold increase in reporting of sexual problems, compared with only spontaneous communication (Montejo-Gonzalez et al. 1997). Typically, data derived from clinical studies estimate sexual disability attributed to SRIs to be less than 20 , whereas in clinical practice the incidence appears to be significantly higher, perhaps as high as 40 . This side effect clearly has...


By LH suppression 116, 118, 125 , reduced rate of weight gain 119, 123-125 , or, in castrated male rats, re-establishment of copulatory behavior 117 . A large number of other encouraging results have been obtained in various animal models and phase I II clinical trials most of them have been reviewed previously 74, 126, 128 . Clinical evaluations suggest a potent central effect with only marginal elevations in systemic estrogen levels therefore, E2-CDS may become a useful and safe therapy for menopausal symptoms or for estrogen-dependent cognitive effects.

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