The author gratefully acknowledges the efforts of Dr. Daniel Yuan that provided the essential nucleation site for the highly collaborative work on Fet3p that is reviewed in this chapter. This collaboration has included the laboratories of Dr. Ninian Blackburn, Dr. John McCracken, and Dr. Edward Solomon. The members of these labs that have participated in this collaboration are Martina

Fig. 19. Reduction of the type-1 Cu(II) in Fet3p by Fe2+ (A) and hydroquinone (B). The reduction is followed by the 608-nm absorbance resulting from the type-1 CU(II). The [Fet3p} was 35 M in pH = 6.5 MES with [Fe2+] = 343 \iM and [hydroquinone] = 565 |lM. (From ref. 22.)

Ralle, Constantino Aznar, Timothy Machonkin, Liliana Quintanar, and Amy Palmer. All of the members of my own lab have contributed to this work but most particularly Richard Hassett, Scott Severance, Tzu-Pin Wang, and Kimberly Prohaska. Of course, little good happens in the Kosman lab without the critical assistance of Annette Romeo, and our work on Fet3p and the iron-copper connection owes much to her efforts. The support for this work by the NIH (DK53820) is gratefully acknowledged.

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