RD Drug Pipeline for DDWs

The R&D pipelines of the different diseases vary widely from each other, reflecting the nature of the disease and the degree of attention and funding received by each disease. The pipelines of new drugs for malaria, TB, and diseases produced by the trypanosomatids are now arguably stronger than ever. However, a critical analysis reveals that, on a risk-adjusted basis, current pipelines are insufficient to address the unmet needs, replace drug rendered useless by resistance, and deliver an armamentarium of new DDW drugs.

Each PPP manages a variable but significant part of the corresponding global disease pipelines in collaboration with their partners. The updated pipelines of the different diseases can be seen in the web pages of the corresponding PPPs (Table 4). Concerning the TB pipeline, ten compounds have progressed into clinical development, including six new compounds specifically developed for tuberculosis [54]. Over 90% of current malaria drug discovery projects are targeting the asexual blood stages of P. falciparum. Five new fixed-dose ACTs have been introduced or will be available to patients over the next 1-2 years [30, 149]. The pipelines for the development of the kinetoplastids are also better populated than ever.18

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