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Effects of Perinatal Estrogen Exposure on Fertility and Cancer in Mice

Concerns have been raised regarding the reproductive and health hazards of chemicals in the environment that have potential endocrine disrupting effects. These concerns include increased incidences of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, and early menopause in women in men, alterations in sex differentiation, decreased sperm concentrations, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic cancer, testicular cancer, and reproductive problems have been suggested. Studies with the potent synthetic estrogen diethyl-stilbestrol (DES) have shown that exogenous estrogen exposure during critical stages of development results in permanent cellular and molecular alterations in the exposed organism. These alterations manifest themselves in the female and male as structural, functional, or long-term pathological changes including neoplasia. Although DES is a potent environmental estrogen, studying its effects at low dose levels in an experimental animal model offers a...

Tumors and cysts of the reproductive organs and salpingooophoritis

Other gynecologic pathology that may present with symptoms of chronic discomfort include adnexal masses and uterine leiomyomata (fibroids). Vague lower abdominal discomfort and fullness and bladder or gastrointestinal symptoms may be related to leiomyomata or ovarian neoplasm. On examination, a pelvic mass is

Urologic Causes Of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Many chronic pelvic pain cases are primary urinary tract disorders.100'101 The overlap in clinical presentation in part relates to the close development and anatomic relationship of the urinary and genital tracts. Urologic symptoms can stem from a primary gynecologic cause, including bladder and ureteral involvement of endome-triosis or external bladder compression with a uterine leiomyomata. The differential diagnosis in urologic causes of chronic pelvic pain should include the following.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Other relative contraindications should be considered on an individual basis, including migraine headaches, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obstructive jaundice of pregnancy or prior oral contraceptive use, and gallbladder disease. If elective surgery is planned, many physicians discontinue oral contraceptives for several weeks to minimize the possibility of thromboembolism. These agents should be used with care in women with prior gestational diabetes or uterine fibroids low-dose pills are preferred in such cases.


The initial clinical evaluation of dysmenorrhea requires simple history taking to assess the cyclic nature of the pain and a physical exam to evaluate the secondary forms of dysmenorrhea (imperforate hymen, uter-ine tubal abnormalities, adenomyosis or leiomyoma (fibroids)). Treatment of such secondary forms is the primary etiologic therapy. Other potential options are listed in Box 15.6. Due to its common occurrence, most


Definitive diagnosis is by histological examination of hysterectomy specimen. The preoperative diagnosis can be suggested when there is menorrhagia and dysmenor-rhea, particularly if the uterus is enlarged but has a het-erogenous echo texture on ultrasound, but no myomata. The sensitivity and specificity of transvaginal ultrasound were 81 and 71 percent, respectively.25 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may show areas of decreased signal intensity in areas of adenomyosis, and is the best way to distinguish adenomyosis from normal myometrium or fibroids, but is an expensive modality for diagnosis.26

M Tranexamic Acid

Structural or histological causes of menorrhagia, or fibroids causing distortion of the uterine cavity, before initiating treatment) regular liver function tests in long-term treatment of hereditary angioedema Contra-indications thromboembolic disease Renal impairment reduce dose consult product literature for details Pregnancy no evidence of teratogenicity in animal studies manufacturer advises use only if potential benefit outweighs risk crosses the placenta Breast-feeding small amount present in milk anti-

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